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Screaming O Fingo Glow Nubby Purple Vibrator. The Fingo Glow is the latest addition to the O Glow A Go Go series of sex toys featuring bright LED lights that excite the senses in a whole new way never been done before! Keep the candles in the closet, because the Fingo Glow has everything you need for the ultimate erotic encounter: 3 ergonomically styled fingertip textures with 3 fun colors, made of soft body-safe silicone that fits comfortably on the underside of the finger. With just one touch, toes curl and bodies tingle with ease before, during and even after sex for a sensual massage that will titillate all of your senses. Colorful LED light sets the sensual mood just right! Set the sensual scene like never before with one of three colorful LED lights that will curl your toes for up to 60 minutes! 3 Colors to personalize your pleasure Red, Blue and Purple! Match your personality to your pleasure and pick the shade that is right for you or wear all three for some ultra-colorful carnal fun! 3 unique pleasure textures: Wavy, Nubby and Tingly. The Fingo Glow features three unique textures Tingly ticklers, Wavy ridges and Nubby knobs and each one offers a different sensation all over the body. Try each 1, or all 3, for an unmatched stimulation experience! Purple Nubby Finger Vibrator from The Screaming O. New images added JUly 26, 2013


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