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Near Me Sex Toys is a leading ecommerce online shop and retail distributors of adult novelty products, including sex toys ranging from and portable vibrate to be more high-tech, modern male and female sex toys, lingerie and everything in between. Near Me Sex Toys is placed and orders are shipped from China and United States (US).
From day one, we have focused on providing the top customer service and value for the customer. By lowering operating costs, we are capable to extend the top prices to our customers. Our safe site make sure a hesitate-free online shopping experience in our web store.

Our Values

Near Me Sex Toys is like a best, close friend that is forever willing to guide you with knowledge, openness and positivity. Near Me Sex Toys helps to inspire and empower right sexual experiences as well as crucial part of self fulfillment and satisfaction.


We welcome, serve and celebrate people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, gender identities, social economic statuses, sexual orientations as both consumers and employees.

Sex Positive

We promote a sex-positive culture. We support causes and people that advance body and sex positively.

Brand Expression

We believe in fun is for everybody and every one. We are committed to engaging with our customers with authority and authenticity in a judgment and shame free atmosphere – and in the physical area. We are committed to pleasure and fun based activism. By following our Brand Expression of Advocacy, Education, and Transparency we will help lead the conversation around sex positively for a fun filled world.

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We hold as universal truth that consent and respect are essential to every sexual experience.


We trust in personal empowerment as essential part of personal growth.

Well Being

We trust that, for most people, experiencing pleasure play an important role in full health and well-being.

Why shop at Nearmesextoys

Discreet delivery

We will never release your personal detail to any person. The logo and name of our shop will not be showed on any of the outer packaging.

Improved by Feedback

Feedback is the top way for us to learn and better in the future. If you enjoy our present services and products, we would love to share the fun with you, but if you do not feel relax with it, we are more willing to hear your best advices and bring the better services and products for you.

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